• 1 Module

    Conflict Resolution for Communities

    Learning to do conflict well is essential to thriving as a community and as an individual within a community.  This 8-week training covers basic tools for working through conflict using the Imago Dialogue process and strategies for helping others.

  • 0 Modules

    Sociocracy for Cohousers

    Sociocracy is for everyone who dreams of a world where we can enjoy deep human connection while getting things done. This 4-week interactive training full of role-playing and practice will cover the core elements of sociocracy including the consent decision-making process, the selection of members to leadership roles, the organizational structure of linked working groups, and continuous evolution through feedback.

  • 0 Modules

    4/8-6/24: Cohousing Architect Training

    A training program designed for architects or architecture students who want to design community-driven housing skillfully.

  • 1 Module

    3/21 Launching Your Community (Free Intro Session)

    Are you interested in starting your own cohousing community?

    This FREE intro session will provide you with a foundational overview of what it takes to create a vibrant cohousing community.

  • 6 Modules

    3/28-5/2: 6-Week Intro to Cohousing Course: Launching Your Community

    What is Cohousing, why it is meaningful, and how do you go about creating your own community?

    This 10-hour course will use discussion, presentation, participatory activities, and reflection to help you answer these questions.

    The course will give you the foundational knowledge of cohousing design, development, and living to get you on your way to making your ideas and dreams into reality.

  • 1 Module

    4/27: Financing Your Cohousing Development

    Course Description Learn the basics of real estate financing. It’s easy to make expensive mistakes with cohousing developments, by not having with the right help…
  • 3 Modules

    Social Media 101

    Social Media 101: Using Social Media to Attract New Neighbors & Families to Cohousing Community

    Join us 1/24 from 12-1:30pm MT on Zoom for an introduction course covering the basics of how communities and cohousing advocates can attract new neighbors and young families by advancing awareness for cohousing through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.