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Introducing The Cohousing Institute (beta)

An educational platform cultivating thriving communities by connecting, educating and empowering

The Cohousing Institute is being developed by the Cohousing Association of the United States (CohoUS), the national non-profit supporting outreach, education and advocacy for the US cohousing movement.

CohoUS was founded in the 90’s focused on convening the US cohousing movement through National and Regional Cohousing Conferences. It also grew to convene the movement through a website featuring the US Cohousing Directory and Classifieds that has grown to 60k monthly page visits.

In recent years, this role as the primary convener for the cohousing movement in the US has evolved to include online programs including education and networking events.

During the COVID19 Pandemic, CohoUS grew its online programming to include a partnership program for individuals, professionals, existing and forming communities. Partnership provides more affordable access to programs and advertising, and was invaluable in helping keep the cohousing movement connected and resilient through the crisis of COVID19. Partners have also helped to inform how CohoUS can best serve the movement.

Feedback from partners indicates CohoUS stakeholders are wanting:

  • More ways to engage with people in cohousing and adjacent movements
  • Easier access and engagement with educational materials
  • More in-depth trainings and coaching
  • Ways to take action in increasing cohousing development and impacts such as sustainability, affordability, and diversity

We are currently in beta testing mode for this new learning platform called The Cohousing Institute.

In response to partner feedback, The Cohousing Institute will include:

  • Discussion Forums connecting people in the cohousing movement
  • A Learning Platform improving access to educational materials
  • Training Programs offering in-depth learning and coaching
  • Action Groups empowering coordinated advocacy and innovation

We will be developing the full functionality of these features throughout this beta testing mode estimated to be complete in early 2023.

To begin we are using this platform as a way to access 3 core programs:

  • The 2022 Virtual Cohousing Conference featuring some of the best content from the National Conference in Madison as well as a virtual keynote livestream with an exhibit hall and Q&A sessions with instructors ($60 or FREE for partners)
  • The Cohousing Movement a preliminary group supporting action groups and discussion forums (FREE for all users)
  • The Partnership Program providing access to partners-only content (which will grow to over 200 recordings as we populate the platform)

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