Help Using the Platform

Creating/Using a Login

The Cohousing Institute is an interactive platform that allows you to track your activity, and interact with others through forums. To support this, everyone must create a user account and be logged-in to access platform content.

NOTE: This is a different log-in than you may have for If you are a member and are looking for our historical archive of recorded programs, please go to and refer to the resource library. This can be found by clicking the Partner Resources link on the footer of our website.

It is important to ONLY CREATE ONE LOG-IN and to use that same log in when you are registering for new programs. 

The screenshot below shows  two places to login. The red circle shows where to login during registration if you have already signed up. The red arrow points to where to sign in when you have already registered.

Applying a Discount Code

If you have a discount code you can apply that during registration in the box that says “coupon code” and then click the button that says “apply coupon”. See the screenshot below.