Cohousing as a Crucible for Change

Community by community, cohousers envision a new kind of living environment, and put in the hard work to bring it about. We learn to care about, and care for, the shared home of our cohousing neighborhood beyond our individual homes. What if we considered all human and other-than-human life as our neighbors, and all of earth as our shared home? Cohousing is already part of the paradigm shift required to live a more connected and sustainable life. Imagine if we applied those same skills that we learnt creating cohousing to envision a just and sustainable life for all, and become active citizens to help regenerate a flourishing living planet.

About Instructor

Robin Allison

A former architect, Robin was the founder and Development Coordinator of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood, an award-winning cohousing development of 32 homes and common facilities in suburban Auckland, New Zealand, committed to environmentally sustainable design with intensive community involvement. Robin now writes, teaches and consults to inspire and support thriving connected communities. Her seminars, lectures and workshops on community-led housing development, governance, eco-building, and sustainable urban design have been a catalyst of the growing cohousing movement in Aotearoa New Zealand. Robin is a committee member of THIS, The Housing Innovation Society in Aotearoa NZ, and a director of Walk to Work Eco-Developments Ltd, planning an eco-friendly social-enterprise business hub at the front of the Earthsong land. She is also a co-founder of YIMFY, Yes! In My Front Yard, supporting and promoting the use of environmentally restorative building materials and systems. Her book Cohousing for Life is both a handbook for cohousing and her personal story of the collective endeavour of developing Earthsong. E-book available from Hard copy can be ordered directly from her website at

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