Specialized or Affinity Group Cohousing

Cohousing communities are typically general in orientation, and designed for anyone who wishes to live there. An exception to this is senior communities, but other types of specialized or affinity group cohousing are starting to emerge. This panel discussion will engage presenters who have experience in these efforts and communities -- such as those organized to support LGBT inclusion, Jewish life, neurodiversity, and people with varying abilities/disabilities. We anticipate a robust conversation, and attendee questions and contributions are highly encouraged!

About the Instructors:

Picture of Alicia DeLashmutt

Alicia DeLashmutt

Alicia has a professional background in landscape and commercial interior design as Director, Project Manager, and Senior Designer, and is the Founder and President of Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative, a non-profit whose mission is to promote, support and develop inclusive, diverse communities. She is currently working with her team to develop Our Home – Cathedral Park, a mutually supportive, inclusive community in the Cathedral Park neighborhood of Portland, OR. Alicia is a 2007 graduate of Oregon Partners in Policy Making, member of the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Coalition and 2017 graduate of the Oregon Health Sciences University LEND program. She currently acts as an advisor, mentor and presenter to LEND and the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Program. Alicia has served as the Program Coordinator for the Northwest Down Syndrome Association Kindergarten Inclusion Cohort, member and advisor to the Portland Public Schools Special Education PTA and continues to make numerous local and national presentations as a strong advocate for inclusive community, housing, education and life. Alicia is an active advocate and parent mentor who believes that the inclusion of ALL, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or gender identity is necessary for a vibrant and healthy community.

Picture of Bryan Bowen

Bryan Bowen

Bryan Bowen is an architect, cohousing nerd, and lover of community-based sustainable design. Bryan grew up in a passive solar home in an artists’ community at the foothills of the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA with minors in sculpture and anthropology in 1995, and has been a practicing architect for about 25 years. He and his wife raised their two boys in Wild Sage Cohousing. Bryan founded Caddis Collaborative in 2002. Caddis is a multidisciplinary design collaborative that explores ways of living more lightly upon our earth in beautiful, healthy environments. A leader in sustainable design, Passive House, net-zero homes, urban infill, and livable communities, Caddis applies sophisticated design and creative solutions to every project. Caddis has become a well-respected national cohousing expert, creating beautiful, innovative, highly functioning communities. Clients comment on Bryan's ability to distill the chaos of development and construction in a logical and insightful way, creating a bubble of calm around their process.

Picture of Rajesh Voddiraju

Rajesh Voddiraju

Raj is the father of a special-needs child, and has spearheaded development for a cohousing community specifically for families with specially abled children.

About Instructor

Roger Studley

Roger Studley is the founder of Urban Moshav, a non-profit development partner for Jewish cohousing, and is the initiator of the Berkeley Moshav project. He is a certified cohousing consultant, serves as a community advisor for Hakhel, the international incubator of Jewish intentional communities, and has contributed to all six Jewish Intentional Community Conferences. Roger is married to Rabbi Chai Levy of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA.

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