Using Communication and Planning for a Smoother Budget Process

Gainesville Cohousing is fairly new, so we have a lot of projects each year. In 2021, the initial project requests totaled $19,000. In the beginning, decisions on what to fund were fairly easy because we came in under budget when building. As those funds dwindled and project fund requests continued, we implemented a project planning and budgeting process for each of our community groups to encourage them to set goals and focus their work. This session will examine our approach to formulating an annual budget, and the process used to gain community approval and increase awareness of how money is spent.

About the Instructors:

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Mary Gove

Mary K. Gove PhD. co-author of best selling textbook, Reading and Learning to Read, has spearheaded several grants to work with teachers on Green Literacy, a teaching practice that uses children’s literature and digital media as a springboard for critical pedagogy. She is an emeritus professor of Cleveland State University. She presently lives in Gainesville Cohousing in Gainesville Florida. She enjoys learning about cooperative culture, yoga, swimming and enjoying time with friends.

About Instructor

Diane Craig

Diane Craig is a research/data analyst at the University of Florida and, thanks to her awesome community, lives in what she hopes is her "forever home." She was actively involved in the development of Gainesville Cohousing in Gainesville, FL between 2013 and when she moved in March 2018. Diane served on the building committee and, as Gainesville Cohousing has since transitioned to a fully formed community, is currently serving on the communications/technology and finance committees. More recently Diane participated in the development of the community's first workshare policy and serves as one of three coordinators.

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