Celebrating Neurodiversity in CoHousing Communities

Friday 2nd August: 1pm - 4pm
Speaker: Meghan Bonde


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When we design communities, systems, and processes with Neurodivergent people in mind, we are creating inclusive environments that benefit all. Celebrating neurodiversity allows communities to empower people who may think or perceive the world differently than what is considered typical in our culture to leverage their strengths and thrive. Using a Universal Design for Living approach, we can create meetings, gatherings, processes, and systems that intentionally include all types of minds!


Participants will:

  • Describe the neurodiversity lens and universal design framework
  • Compare the social model with the medical model of disability
  • Identify 3 concrete strategies that foster inclusive communities for Neurodivergent people who may identify as Autistic, ADHD, Gifted, or Twice Exceptional

Speaker: Meghan Bonde

Meghan Bonde is a neurodiversity specialist, founder of Team Neurodivergent, and an award-winning speech language pathologist who proudly identifies as Neurodivergent. She has empowered thousands of Neurodivergent leaders to create inclusive environments and communities so everyone thrives. Meghan is a passionate dancer, writer, reader, artist, and activist, finding inspiration in nature and her remarkable, neurodivergent family.