Cohousing 101: Launching your Community

Tuesdays, March 26 - April 30, 5pm MT - 7PM


Instructors: Mathilde Berthe and Erik Bonnett

Group discounts are available for communities who would like to join the program together! Reach out to for more information!

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What is Cohousing, why it is meaningful, and how do you go about creating your own community? This 10-hour course will use discussion, presentation, participatory activities, and reflection to help you answer these questions. The course will give you the foundational knowledge of cohousing design, development, and living to get you on your way to making your ideas and dreams into reality.

The six course sessions focus on:

  •   Introduction to the course and your learning goals (1hr)
  •   What is cohousing really? Patterns and practices of successful cohousing communities (2hr)
  •   Design matters: Interdependent social and physical environments (2hr)
  •   How to get a group started, find a site, and found a project (2hr)
  •   Group process: Working together successfully (2hr)

·   Answering your remaining questions and where to go from here (1hr)


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