Creative Financial Strategies: Lessons from a nonprofit cohousing community

Tuesday, March 19th, 4-5pm MT


Instructors: Michael Gornik

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Join us for a presentation by Polestar Gardens, an educational non-profit, on the vision and development of Polestar Village—a 20-acre intentional neighborhood in Fort Collins, CO. Rooted in the values of “Spirit, Community, and Lifelong Learning,” Polestar Gardens invites like-minded individuals to co-create a unique living experience. 

The presentation, focused on affordability strategies and Polestar’s distinctive financial model, will delve into general strategies and insights gained from Michael’s history of running and living “in community”. The 30-minute session will be followed by a Q&A, providing a deeper understanding of how Polestar utilizes models such as tenancy in common, Owner Builder Coop, Shared Household, Lockout, Airbnb, Microunits, Affordable Housing Partnerships, Prop 123, and various grants. 

Discover how Polestar Village aims to break new ground in sustainable living, fostering a vibrant, interconnected community utilizing a variety of tools to support its non-profit financial model.

Instructor: Michael Gornik

Michael Gornik has lived in, built, and managed intentional communities for over 40 years. In 2000, he and his wife Ann founded Polestar Gardens and established a 20-acre community, organic farm, and meditation retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Following the Kilauea Volcano eruption in 2018, which decimated their community, Michael and Ann relocated to Fort Collins, CO, where they and their team are developing Polestar Village: a 144-unit intentional neighborhood on 20 acres


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