Diversity 101: Microaggressions

March 20th, 4pm - 6pm MT


Instructor: Crystal Byrd Farmer

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Begin your journey toward inclusivity with this interactive workshop on microaggressions–those subtle, everyday slights that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact marginalized individuals in their engagement with the world. Microaggressions by far are the most common reason marginalized people leave community, and becoming aware of ways that you might unintentionally harm others is key to fostering a more inclusive community. In this workshop, we will explore key aspects of identity, including race, gender, sexuality, class, and disability, and shed light on the specific microaggressions associated with each. Understanding that biases vary and that individuals may experience and respond to microaggressions differently, we will discuss the nuanced nature of bias and its impact. Finally, we’ll discuss practical strategies for addressing microaggressions without shame, fostering an environment that encourages growth and understanding.

Instructor: Crystal Byrd Farmer

Crystal Byrd Farmer is an organizer and consultant in the intentional communities movement. She serves as a board member for the Foundation for Intentional Community, the BIPOC Intentional Community Council, and The Sum. She also runs an Agile Learning Center for disabled children called Gastonia Freedom School. In 2020 she published The Token: Common Sense Ideas for Increasing Diversity in Your Organization. Crystal is passionate about encouraging people to change their perspectives on diversity, relationships, and the world.


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