Meeting and Process Facilitation

Process Facilitation will take place from 4-6pm MT, Thursdays, May 2 - June 6 Meeting Facilitation will take place from 4-6pm MT, Thursdays, October 3 - November 14 (with no scheduled session on Oct. 31)


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Quality facilitation is one of the best predictors of community harmony, especially when it comes to making decisions.  This two part course focuses on relationship-nurturing practices needed when disagreement is present, imminent or possible.  Grounded in deep listening and profound respect for each individual, the course breaks down the practices, skills and mindsets that make up masterful facilitation and lead to more connected, safer-feeling communities.  

The course will be split into two parts – one exploring process facilitation and the other focusing on meeting facilitation.

Each part may be taken independently. Combined they cover the full range of skills needed for facilitation of effective, connected community process.

Process Facilitation 4-6pm MT, Thursdays, May 2 – June 6:

  • Role of the facilitator – guiding the community without creating a power struggle
  • A process – understanding all the elements that go into an effective community process, most of which happen outside of full community meetings
  • Gathering information and listening – Pulling together all the things you need to know to guide your community to a successful proposal.
  • Strong proposals – Identifying elements of a strong proposal and supporting community members in building one, without taking sides on the content

Meeting Facilitation, Meeting Facilitation will take place from 4-6pm MT, Thursdays, October 3 – November 14:

  • Role of the facilitator – balancing the autonomy of the group and each person with the need for leadership
  • Planning meetings that are engaging, effective and efficient
  • Supporting relationships while getting things done
  • Working with a co-facilitator
  • Managing time and logistics for a meeting
  • Strategies for working with strong emotions in a meeting

Note: There will be no Meeting Facilitation scheduled on October 31.

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$360 – Meeting Facilitation, $360 – Process Facilitation, $625 – Full Facilitation Series


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