Effective, Egalitarian Governance: An Introduction to Sociocracy

Thursday August 1st: 1pm - 5pm
Speaker: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez


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We will experience the basic elements of self-organizing and making decisions where every voice matters. We will practice consent decision making and dealing with objections. We will explore community team structure and how a communty can keep evolving by creating a feedback-rich enviroment. If you have been wanting an intoduction to sociocracy, this is the session to come to. And if you want practical ways to function well as a community, even without sociocacy, then you’d enjoy this session.


How to design an effective organizational structure.

Understanding of consent decison making.

Understanding ways to create a feedback-rich environment.

Speaker: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry is a founding resident of the 28-year old Cherry Hill Cohousing, a co-founder of Sociocracy For All, co-author of Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy, a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, and a certified consultant in socicoracy (egalitarian governance). And he likes to sing and swim (not at the same time).