Psychological safety in meetings

Thursday August 1st: 8am - 12pm
Speaker: Ted Rau


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Psychological safety is both the beginning and the goal. It’s essential for everything else – the projects and planning. And it’s the goal for community living – without it, what would be the point of community?

If we know we’re safe, no matter what is going on for us, then we can tap into our sense of belonging, contribution and mattering. We can show up as who we are and see others and be seen more fully.

Psychological safety is not opposed to effectiveness – quite the opposite, they mutually support each other. We will explore how!

In this intensive, we will look at conditions that are known to contribute to psychological safety, and we’ll gather practical ideas on how to create them in our communities.

This session will draw from practice but also from research on psychological safety in teams (a topic Sociocracy For All has worked on as part of grant work in 2023/24)


Understanding psychological safety

Concrete ideas for structure, meetings and other supporting factors for more psychological safety for everyone

Speaker: Ted Rau

Ted is an advocate, trainer and consultant for self-governance. His main focus is sociocracy. After his PhD in linguistics and work in Academia, he co-founded Sociocracy For All and spends his days consulting, teaching and writing. Ted identifies as a transgender man; he has 5 children between 10 and 19. A German citizen he, has lived in Massachusetts since 2010. He lives in an intentional community of 70 people and is (co-)author of three books on self-governance, Many Voices One Song (2018) and Who Decides Who Decides (2021), and Collective Power (2023).